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Men, stop asking about taboos! If the situation in the Swiss sex trade does not improve, the operators of this website will consider taking further measures.

These can be: Blocking and exclusion from platforms and pages. Operators and service providers reserve the right to ban visits and to work with relevant authorities. Because everyone’s health comes first!

Sex is hot, security is hotter!

Dear men, use condoms. At Paysex, don't ask whether condom-free sex is part of a service.

Because the woman who offers you her services without a condom also offers hundreds of other men

Sexual intercourse without a rubber!


​"But I want the real feeling"

Do you want the “real” feeling and do without condoms? Have you ever thought about what it must feel like to carry an illness with you for the rest of your life?


"But I'm healthy"

How long will you be healthy? Is the sex worker who offers you unprotected sex also healthy?

Hardly, given the hundreds of visitors who were there before you.


​Situation in Switzerland

In Switzerland, sexually transmitted infections have increased significantly over the last 15 years. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in particular have multiplied.

According to the Federal Office of Public Health, a 19.8 percent increase in syphilis infections was measured across Switzerland in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The disease was considered eradicated for a long time; However, easier access to paid sex and multiple sexual partners fueled the spread of the disease again.

Sex workers are also at higher risk of infection due to their work.

“Sex for money plays an important role in the transmission of syphilis among heterosexual men and women,” says the Federal Office of Public Health.


Sex trade situation

An evaluation from January 2024 of over 300 sex workers in Switzerland showed that an average of 6,9 requests for unprotected sexual intercourse are made per day per sex worker!

Stop this shit!



Sex workers who offer unprotected sexual intercourse are often forced to do so in the background by gangs of pimps. Don't support such services!

Health insurance premiums increase every year. Don't support these premium increases with these contagions,avoid the infections


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